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Termessos & Duden Waterfall Tour
Termessos is an ancient city, located on the Taurus Mountain on altitude 1050 m. It is one of the most interesting ancient cities in Antalya region. Termessos is considered to be one of the best protected cities on antiquity. The city has survived during attack of Alexander the Great.

The places to visit in Termessos - Gymnasium, ArtemesianTemple, Agora, Roman Hadrian Temple, Theatre, Alcates grave, Necropolis. In Termessos you can meet a large number of rare plants and animal species, which are under protection of the Termessos National Park.

After Termessos sure you would like to visit Duden waterfall. It is a group of waterfalls in Antalya. Coming from Taurus Mountains these waterfalls makes a very spectacular view.