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Perge & Kursunlu Waterfall Tour
Perge is a famous ancient city of Anatolia. The City is located 18 km far from Antalya. In ancient times Perge was a rich city and was attracting people from all over the world being an important port city on Mediterranean.

Under the reign of Alexander the Great Perge became a military garrison. Later during Roman times Perge was visited by St. Paul and Barnabas who founded a Christian Community in the city. What you can find today in Perge? There are ruins of Akropols, Gymnasiums, Stadium, Theater, Necropols, Roman Bath which is very famous. The Statues which were found in Perge, Septimus Severus Area, Agora and others are displayed in the Antalya Museum.

After Perge we invite you to visit Kursunlu waterfall. It is situated 19 km from Antalya in a beautiful place among pine trees. It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Antalya region.